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13 май, 2011

Большая стирка у Вас дома. Для начала уточните вес белья.

При стирке белья в автоматической машине надо знать точный все вещей, так как от этого зависит количество порошка, которое Вы будете засыпать, качество стирки и долговечность машины.

Молодежный развлекательный блог дает совет: если в Вашем доме нет весов или Вам не хочется тратить время на взвешивание, можно посчитать всё приблизительно, исходя из того, что:

Простыня в среднем весит 400-500 г.
Наволочка – 200 г.
Махровое полотенце – 150-200г.
Пододеяльник – 650 г.
Скатерть – 600 г.
Мужская рубашка – 300 г.
Детская рубашка – 200 г.
Футболка – 200 г.
Женская блузка – 150 г.

12 ноя, 2010

Скидка 80% на наращивание ногтей гелем в студии-салоне Nail-Cafe (заплатите 300 руб. вместо 1500 руб


25 авг, 2010

Smoking Hookah - First Experience

I'd never smoked hookah before yesterday. There was a chance once or twice but there was no wish.
But yesterday I spotted on my cousin and her husband and they proudly showed their new purchase - a silver hookah. (купить оптом женскую одежду)
Each of them was telling me about the process of smoking with admiration and pleasure and I was practically urged to take part in smoking too. )))
While my cousin and her spouse were in deep pleasure I tried to learn how to smoke right to get pleasure too.
In fact I found nothing interesting in it and after taking several puffs I felt bad. I was sick and sometimes was about to vomit. окна пвх екатеринбург
My cousin assured me that it only happens at first time and whan I tried it again I would feel nothing but pleasure.
But I guess none would ever make me smoke hookah again! ))))

7 июн, 2010

What to Do on a Holiday?

Vacations are coming soon and I'm just at a loss how to engage myself during the 2 weeks of laziness and joy.
As a matter of fact, there's no chance to go somewhere abroad or to the south of the country. низковольтные комплектные устройства. First of all there's no fellow-passenger, and secondly can't spend so much money for 10 days at a sea.
Having a rest at the summerhouse is a good prospect but spending my summer holidays year by year is getting on my nerves.шкаф учета электроэнергии
So there's an urgent need to find some alternative for spending these short two weeks as there's a craving for having some unforgettable emotions!

5 май, 2010

How I Visited a Sex Shop

Here and there I see the commercials that tempt us to drop at a sexshop пермь and buy some intimate things. So I coudn't resist the temptation and decided to visit this "spicy" place.

I was met by an amiable shop-assistant who had been obviously bored before I came.
As it was my first visit, I timidly looked around and stepped forward to the first shelf that was filled with vibrators (вибраторы пермь) of a wide colour palette: red, black, blue, green, multi-coloured... Some of the exhibits were really interesting but I decided to investigate the whole assortment of the shop.

The shop-assistant showed different costumes, sex dolls and handcuffs (наручники пермь). I must say this performance was really exciting, especially taking the dark and mysterios atmosphere of the shop into account.

As it was my test visit, I could restarain the desire to buy some of the goods but I will think of dropping at the shop again or use the interenet shop to buy the most exciting toy :)))

21 апр, 2010

Intimate presents -are they good?

Just came across a sexshop пермь and was really excited to watch all those toys and clothes, and lingeries! Never though that the industry has advanced so much.
All my knowledge of sex shops was limited to vibrators and sex toys but here I have found so much!
Handcuffs and ball for vagina, erotic costumes and dolls and even special perfume (духи с феромонами пермь).
Indeed, I spend a lot of time at the site and still hesitate what to choose first?)))
Maybe you will prompt me ?;)

17 фев, 2010

Psychological Help - How can You Cope with Your Problems?

Have you ever though that you may be in need of some psychological help or at least consultation?
We all rush to live and harly ever notice that our soul is not that healthy as it must be.
We are in stress all the time - money earning, problems with job, family conflicts and troubles in our private life. All these undermine our mental health. So will a psychologist be of great help and a kinf of a way-out?
I guess YES. The matter is that you should only be responsible while searching for a really good and reliable specialist.
There are even good psychological sites in the Internet that will give you some help for free!
So, reflect upon your problems, even write them out and prepare a list of questions to a psycholigist.
Remember that if you speak out your minв and thoughts in time, it will considerably alleviate your life and will reduce the risk of different PHYSICAL diseases!
Good luck!

4 фев, 2010

Ready Business - is it Worhty?

There are a lot of companies nowadays that offer ready businesse, either buying or hiring.
To some extent it can be rather profitable, as you don't have to mess up your head with searching buildings, equipment and even qualified personnel.
Besides your business is already working for you - you just have to apply all your business knowledge. For instance selling used cars.
But the matter is that the offer is very often too expensive and available only for those who have already some capital.
So who is ready business intended for and how many cases are their in history who developed ready business sky-high?

25 янв, 2010

New or Used Car?

In the crisis times all of us are short of money and have to save each cent.
Nevertheless we all have to be mobile as never and need cars to move from one place to another. (шины диски пермь)
And for this we need a car. Waht car to choose in these hard times?
Sure, new cars are very attractive and define our status but they are too expensive.
Is there a chance to get a good car and for a reasonable price?
Yes, and the answer is a used car. There are many auto salons that offer used cars and they are absolutely reliable. (магазин шин пермь)
Dealers offer checked cars and never hide the real state of the car.
So you have a good chance to buy a good car and pay a low price for it!

22 дек, 2009

What's Happening to the Climate?

I guess something dangerous is happening to our climate as here in the USA we have very terrific weather. Great snowstorms and frosts are raging in many regions and people get stuck in the traffic jams, die, left without electricity and water...
Weather is getting crazy or it's the result of the greenhouse effect?
Anyway I'm absolutely dissatisfied with the climate and its changes.
Who else has noticed some abnormality?
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8 дек, 2009

Cargo transportation - avia or railway?

These days there's a great need of carg transfer and often companies face the problem of choice. Avia tranfers are the fastest but the most exspenive. Railway or truck transportation are much and much slower and in fact turn out to be not much cheaper.
Then there's an issue of safeness. Avia transportation is protected against criminals on the road, traffic jams and all that.
So this is an incomplete list of advantages that go for cargo transportation by air.
What's more important, if you choose avia transportation (грузовые авиаперевозки), you'll be offered a whole complex of services that guarantee that your cargo will be delivered safe and in time and no doubt insured.
Air transportation is even more preferable when you live in a big country or your cargo should be delivered abroad.
At present there are many companied that offer transportation services, you can always find all information at such sites and even calculate the cost of the transportation using an online calculator.

16 сент, 2009

Loading Videos for Free

Do you know where is one of the best online movies and videos share site? I will tell you where you can get the newest films and videos online. Watching movies is getting more and more popular everyday.
Are you interested in downloading full download super free fast  video? You can do this through loading . Learn all about it! Feel free to ask questions.

People don't need books because we are becoming more lazy every day. Here you can load all films you like(Скачать Видео Бесплатно) absolutely free! Use your chance and get it now!

21 июл, 2009


A lot of people say that it’s very important for a person to have a rest after long workweek. Efficiency of your next week depends on how you have a rest. Some people say that a person who can relax well – works well. I think it’s true. So, that’s why it is very important to plan your spare time and leisure activities.

Here I should say that there are 2 types of leisure:

  • Active leisure: Active leisure implies a desired exertion (приятное усилие) of energy. Low-impact activities include walking and yoga, which expend little energy and have little contact or competition. High-impact activities such askick-boxing consume much energy and are competitive.
  • Passive leisure: Passive leisure implies a desire to rest from exerting energy. Its main form is lounging, "doing nothing", the kind of leisure which implies going into a near-sleep state. It is viewed by some as wasting time. Passive leisure that is not enjoyable can lead to boredoom. But there are other passive activities that share many motivations and skills with the active types, and reflect our age, lifestyles and interests. Examples are: Gardening is one of the oldest man’s hobbies. For young people - going to the cinema, disco, reading books, shopping and etc.
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21 май, 2009

Can We Have a Lower Credit Card Rate Now?

The crisis is flourishing - if I can say so, and I can see that the rates on my credit card are getting higher.
Is it the bank's attempt to suriive in the rough terms of the credit crunch, or just a chance to get additional money?
The rate has become 2 percent higher and it was raised without any notification.
I'm now in search of some financial guides to get some tips on the problem and I guess I have found one.
Cnn has always been my favorite channel and at their site thet offer really professional tips on all aspects of life and money in particular.
The ways of solving my problem are quite sound there, and I will try to follow them.

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7 май, 2009

Finding a Good Car

I've been thinking of buying a new car and quite at a loss what to choose.
Actually I'm quite inspired by German cars but they seem to be beyond my budget.
Japanese are of the same money rank.
Korean and Chinese cars seem to have a good look but I doubt their quality.
I've found rather good tips in choosing a car with a limited budget at www.youthmix.ru and will try to decide somehow.
Someone will ask me why I don't choose US cars... the state of auto industry is awful here in the States, and almost all of the auto companies have gone broke...
Alas, in this case I have to be a non-patriot :-)

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